Saturday, July 31, 2010

Determination…an Asset?

We as Christians, particularly as Christian leaders are (generally) known as people of conviction.

And that’s good.

But I fear that often we confuse conviction with bull-headedness (see illustration). I”m not talking about obnoxious Christians who make us all shake our heads at the foolishness of their stubbornness over the smallest things.

I’m talking about holy, sanctified, good intentioned stubbornness.

“Changing game plans does not make a quitter. It makes you smart.”

--Dave Buck, Coachville

image We need to leverage our successes, but let go of the methods that aren’t working. So we can open up our energy, our eyes, our time to see the things that are right before us, but we can’t see them because we are too busy.

But sometimes we (I) are either to meek (bad meek, not good meek) to stand up to those who are just bullheaded, but are directly standing in the progress of the church. Other times WE are the ones who are bull-headed. We confuse every human design with divine Scipt.

What have you found helpful in deciding when it is time to stand your ground and when it is time to try Plan B?

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