Thursday, September 9, 2010

Truth Telling

So much of my work in coaching has strong parallels in located ministry.image

I was reading an Australian blog today about “Truth Telling” in coaching.  Now, (caveat) the writer does NOT come from a perspective of objective truth.  “What is my truth may not be yours,” she says.

But even in that context she makes an important point.  She (Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland) is quoting another author when she says:

He said that ‘In coaching telling the truth is used to build up the coachee not to pull them down.” This is a very important statement. When we outline the truth to our client and it pulls them down then we need to ask ourselves what is the motivation for telling this truth. Telling the truth to pull a person down implies that there is judgement in the truth telling, which is the point I raise above. Telling the truth is very much based on the perspective of the truth teller.

The same is true in ministry.  We in the church are to be about truth telling.  But what is out motivation? Is it to “put them in their place?”  Is it to “correct the error of their ways”?  Or is it (even when we are correcting) intended to build them up, not tear them down?

I will end this brief post with the same question that asks her coaching readers:  What role does truth telling play in your inter-personal ministry?

You can find the original coaching post here.

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