Sunday, December 12, 2010

Confused, Not GLEEful at Christmas.

I enjoy GLEE a lot. Loretta and I have watched every episode.

But for some reason I am torqued about last week's show.  Now, don't get me was funny & sentimental and some good Christmas music.  (But can't Lea Michele come up with ANY new arrangements of her own?  Totally mimicking the late Karen Carpenter's version of "Merry Christmas, Darling" note for note was kind of creepy).

And I am used (I thought) to secular TV gutting the meaning out of Christmas. 

But while GLEE has been pretty negative about religion, at leastimage they have allowed several of the GLEE members to have and express a sincere Christian faith.

But could you have learned what Christmas was about from last week's episode?  What is Christmas according to GLEE?

  • Mr Schuster: Christmas is all about being grateful for all the things that DID [turn out well this past year].
  • Finn:  It's a time of miracles. (They won't be killed when singing before other students")
  • Finn: Christmas is supposed to be all about forgiveness.
  • Rachel: "The Christmas tree is the foundation of Christmas."

And so we are going to celebrate Christmas...why?

"The Christmas tree is the FOUNDATION of Christmas"? Come on....  That one kind of set me off. I can't expect secular TV to celebrate Christ's birth.  I get it. But to not even have one character acknowledge Christ's birth or that Christmas has ANYTHING to do with the Christian faith? 

I'll still watch GLEE.  I enjoy it.  And Sue Sylvester is too deliciously evil to stop watching.  But come on...GLEE...give Christmas a break.

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