Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Only Do “Work” on Your Computer?

Seth Godin recommends ONLY doing work (i.e. creating something) on your computer. NOTHING personal. Then he recommends having a second device (like an iPad) for everything else (i.e. personal). (He says it better than I do here: What do you think? Just an excuse for consumerism? Or a sanity saver?


daniel said...

I don't know if it is an excuse for consumerism but it seems that Seth's comments are only for the exclusive group of people who can afford a seconday device like an iPad for pure luxury. It doesn't address the deeper issues with procrastination that Seth's friend had.

I don't mean to sound judgemental because I'm the first one who will scour facebook for an interesting conversation to entertain me instead of doing my school work. I do not think that having more stuff will help me get my work done more efficiently.

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