Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

Recently I asked several people to write a recommendation for me on my Linked In profile. (If I didn't ask you, don't be hurt--I probably didn't know you were on LinkedIn). image

The importance of recommendations is that if someone is considering hiring you and they are waffling, or they are trying to decide between you and someone else, the recommendations on the site from people who know you can make all the difference. (Who would you pick: an unknown person with no recommendations, or an unknown person with quite a few positive recommendations? I thought so.)

Several of them have had problems writing the recommendations. (the process, not the content!! ;-D ) I, therefore, wrote out simple instructions for how to write a LinkedIn recommendation. I thought I would share it with my FB friends as well. If you have a LinkedIn account and want to make a recommendation of someone with whom you have worked, or who you hired, or who you went to school with, it is a pretty easy process: (Because I wrote this for people who were recommending me, I am using me as an example, but the process is the same for everyone).

You go to someone's (like my) LinkedIn profile.

In the right hand column (Under "Send a Message") is " "Recommend this Person" Click that button.

It asks you to identify how you know that person:

  • Colleague: You’ve worked with __________ at the same company
  • Service Provider: You’ve hired __________ to provide a service for you or your company
  • Business Partner: You’ve worked with __________, but not as a client or colleague
  • Student: You were at school when __________ was there, as a fellow student or teacher.

For ministry it can be a bit hard (depending on your definition of ministry!!) Colleague & Business Partner seem to work. Service Provider would seem to work better for someone who hired me as a coach. Student seems to be self-apparent.

Choose one and click "Go".

You then are taken to a page: "Create Your Recommendation". Depending on the context in which you say you know the person (in my case, Coach, Cal Habig Coaching; Senior Minister, Tigard Christian Church; Senior Minister, Bible Christian Church, etc.), you then answer a few questions


  • Basis of Recommendation
  • Your title at the time
  • ____'s title at the time

Service Provider:

  • Position Your Recommending __________ for
  • Service category
  • Year First Hired

Business Partner:

  • Basis of Recommendation
  • Your title at the time
  • ____'s title at the time


  • Basis of Recommendation
  • Your title at the time
  • ____'s school at the time

You then write a brief paragraph recommendation. It can be performance or character related.

A page that gives some recommendations on how to write a LinkedIn recommendation is found here:


It's as easy as that.

People you know on LinkedIn can really be helped by you writing a positive and honest recommendation. If you are on LinkedIn and want to write one for me, I would be truly honored.


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